A Euler Wrap-up of 2022

10 Highlights of the year

What a year it has been! In 2022 we…

1.     Rebranded

The biggest news of the year, of course, was our rebrand from Qbase to Euler. Three months on, and we’ve just about got used to the name change after 20+ years of calling ourselves Qbase! The name change was also an opportunity for us to reconsider our proposition, remind ourselves of our strengths, and look ahead to the future.

If you’d like to read more about our rebrand and the story behind it, take a look at the article: We’ve rebranded! Ushering in a new era with Euler.


2.    Moved to a New Office

Our office move was unconnected to the rebrand, but conveniently timed in readiness for it. As we all know, Covid-19 had an impact across the globe on businesses in many ways. While a shift in consumer behaviour offered us a chance to work with new clients, the pandemic also made us reconsider how we work together as a team.

Since settling into remote working patterns, we found ourselves no longer in need of the large office space we resided in and anchored after a space more suitable for small teams to work collaboratively.

We found just what we were looking for only a few streets away, with a gorgeous view of the Golden Gates and Bank Park beyond. Our new office is open plan, with lots of natural light, various collaborative working spaces, and with individual focus pods. We now have a steady stream of staff coming into the office throughout the week to attend meetings and workshops with others, or just to find a place of focus away from their homes.


3.     Gained a New Azure Competency

We started the year with one Azure Gold competency, and we’ve finished the year with two. In addition to our Gold in Data Analytics, we now also have Gold in Data Platform. And it’s not just a once off exam, our team have to sit annual exams for Euler to keep this status, making sure that our team are always up to scratch with the latest information and knowledge about Azure Data Analytics and Data Platforms.

Within the ‘Data Platform’ competency, our team specialised in Big Data and SQL Server. If you would like to know more take a look at our article: Euler achieves another Azure Gold competency in Data Platform.


4.     Worked With Two Published Authors

We’ve always enjoyed producing resources that can be helpful for our clients and prospects. Some of our greatest hits in years gone by include:

  • Preparing for a Major Data Initiative: The Importance of a Landscape Analysis
  • Data Distrust: The Impact it has on Businesses and How to Eliminate it
  • A Complete Guide to Data Integrations

In the latter half of this year, we decided to reach out to a couple of fellow data experts, who were also published authors, to work on some whitepapers collaboratively. The outcome is our two most recent whitepapers co-written by Johny Morris (who wrote the book Practical Data Migration) and Sam Gilbert (who wrote the book Good Data: An Optimist’s Guide to Our Digital Future – also available as an audio book).

These two whitepapers are now available to download for free on our website:

Cloud Migration for Digital Transformation

The Ethics of Data-driven Marketing

If you haven’t read them already, we encourage you to do so. We guarantee both will be food for thought in different ways.


5.     Increased our Client Base by 30%  

We pride ourselves on developing long-term relationships with our clients, supporting them for years to come. So, when we increase our client-base by 30% in just one year, this means a lot to us. We not only hope to help our new clients with their immediate data needs but we plan on supporting them for years to come, whatever that future holds.

Some big names we began working with in 2022 were Papa Jon’s and Peloton. We look forward to working with going forwards.


6.     Picked up a DMA Award

Encouraged by our award-winning year in 2021, we decided to put an entry in for the Direct Marketing Association award this year. And we were awarded Silver in the ‘Data Storytelling’ category.

Our entry featured our Chiltern Railways project, specifically the ‘Voice of the Customer’ report we help them to produce every month. This is no ordinary report. It is an accurate insight into Chiltern’s services from the point of view of the customer, drawing together data from a wide range of sources, which has become instrumental in driving up customer satisfaction scores. The information this report feeds back to Chiltern Railways’ range of stakeholders underpins key strategies and monitor progress.

Case study coming soon!


7.     Did 19 Professional Development Courses

This year, our staff have collectively been on 19 training courses. We encourage staff to seek out professional development opportunities so that we are always learning and growing as a team. From Scrum Alliance training to introductions to Excel, and via Brand Strategy on the way. Our team are not just a year older, they are wiser too.


8.     Saw Two Weddings

We know this is not officially a Euler success, but Euler is after all made up of individuals with personal lives. Therefore, we were proud to see two of our team members get married this year (to their respective partners). We’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate Matt & Jo and Tom & Bethany! We wish them all the very best for the future.


9.     Welcomed Three Babies

Following on from number 8 nicely, we’ve also welcomed three new babies into the world this year! Congratulations to the families of Lucy, Nicola and Dave – we hope baby’s first Christmas is magical.  


10. Let Our Hair Down at 11 Social Events

Finally, after a few years of covid restrictions getting in the way of socialising, 2022 saw our Euler social calendar return to full strength. This year we’ve had a team event every month which has given us the chance to make friends outside of our work teams and generally spend time relaxing and laughing together. We’ve had various meals out, we’ve been bowling, we’ve been to Farmageddon, we’ve done Tough Mudder, we’ve been go-karting, and we’ve been to the zoo.

Roll on 2023 for the next round of socials!



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