Training and Support


We want to give your teams the knowledge to become data experts.

Best in class
training and support
for your teams

Euler’s team of accredited trainers and product experts provide best in class training to help your team understand how to use our products to their maximum potential. Through a mixture of classroom, online, workshop and home-based courses, we are flexible in fitting training around your usual operations, while providing measurable value to your team.

All the training we provide is for the tools we use day in, day out, for our own clients. Using the tools in this environment gives our trainers a deep knowledge of the software, and an ability to instil best practice advice while teaching how to use tools.

What types of training do we offer?

Apteco Marketing Suite

Our trainers are fully accredited with Apteco and offer the full range of standard Apteco training courses including our own tailored and bespoke courses. We typically do our training using your data to help ensure what is learnt relates to your work, using training scenario’s similar to your day to day work. Training can also be provided using the Apteco holiday training dataset, if requested.



Our Technical Developers use Talend for our integration projects. Where a highly technical developer if they’re looking to create their own integrations, we provide bespoke training and coaching. This is a collaborative project whereby an agreed solution is developed together with one of our experts, which gives your team the chance to research, develop and ask questions whilst being supported by our Technical experts. Due to Talend being such a large tool with multiple components, our Talend training is objective focused as opposed to a generic overview.


In addition to the training we offer on Apteco products, we also recognise the importance of being able to deploy deep analytics and predictive learning through other technologies. To support you and your organisation across multiple analytics platforms we offer training solutions for:

  • SQL Analysis Tools
  • R
  • PowerBI
  • Tableau

Coaching and mentoring

Coaching is how we inspire our employees to put in greater effort and truly excel in their roles. When employees are going above and beyond, we are able to achieve truly remarkable results. Euler offer personalised coaching programs to help unlock your staff potential, getting the most of their performance to meet clear SMART goals using recognised coaching models. Euler also offer Mentoring 121 sessions where we provide, guidance, counselling and support for broad development goals which could be leadership based.  Please get in touch with Euler if you would like to know more about coaching and mentoring services provided.

Best Practice Implementation Advice

Euler have extensive experience in delivering production ready analytical tools within organisations, these include predictive/prescriptive models and business management reporting capabilities, our advice considers impact assessments, business continuity programs with resource management.

Product support

To help you optimise your business insight performance we provide product support across a range of platforms.

As your business insight platforms are upgraded to the latest versions, new functionality is introduced to the product, we help you and your business get the most out of these new tools. Our team will assist you in executing your software upgrade, then provide support to help you understand and implement your new business insight applications.

Our product support is delivered to exceptionally high internal and external standards, including ISO and those set by the software producers. Everything is co-ordinated through our demand management system by dedicated customer support teams and account managers, to ensure you receive the best support exactly when you need it.

We provide 3 levels of support:

  1. On Demand
    Providing a pay as you go option for small teams
  2. Plus
    Contracted support hours for medium sized team
  3. Professional
    Our premium contracted support option for medium – large sized teams.

Packages can be upgraded or downgraded depending on your teams demands, contact your account manager for further information.

Apteco Marketing Suite

We provide “Show me how” and “talk me through it” user support & best practice advice to all of our Apteco Marketing Suite customers including a yearly inspection report for your main production system, providing the equivalent of a car’s MOT. From our inspection we offer advice and improvements which could be made to improve your systems performance, increasing the users experience and checking the system is still fit for purpose. Optionally, we also provide a system service where a system expert will do an in depth review how your users are working within the tool to identify skill gaps and provide best practice improvements on how to work within the environments.