Respond to customer interactions across multiple touchpoints.

Let your
lead the way

At Euler, we take you beyond simple workflow triggers such as abandoned baskets and abandoned browsers to provide a holistic view of how your customers are behaving so you can expand engagement with relevant and timely communications.

Our range of behavioural trigger models are built on sophisticated algorithms, trained on your data and integrated with your marketing platforms and outbound communications channels. They monitor customer engagement through digital and off-line touch points to identify exactly when you should communicate with a customer, via what channel and with what message.

We have experience deploying our trigger solutions across a wide range of technology platforms.

Beyond simple workflow triggers

Our marketing behavioural trigger solutions include…

Lead Scoring, Enquirer Conversion, First Order Upsell, Anti-lapse intervention, Lapsed Reactivation.

Abandoned Browser, Abandoned Basket, Non-responder.

Anniversary, Lifestage, Seasonal.

Product Recommender, Promotion Recommender, Channel Response, Content Recommender.

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