Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Take personalisation to the next level.


Machine Learning and AI is disrupting the marketing norm.

With our help you can deploy AI to transform your customer personalisation, engaging with your customers in a way which has never been possible before. Omni-channel customer personalisation, click-path optimisation, business forecasting, marketing spend optimisation –  they are all elevated with our progressive approach to machine learning and AI.

Understanding the objectives

AI is just an expensive folly unless you have a clear objective and use case before you build, train and deploy any IT algorithms. That’s why our experienced Consultants and Business Analysts will spend time with you clearly scoping your requirements and auditing your capability to deploy AI before any machine learning and subsequent AI takes place.

Enabling the process

AI needs data. And lots of it at that! We ensure you have the architecture and data in place first before we develop any AI solution. We help you put tools like Customer Data Platforms in place first as without this your AI solution would be compromised.

Developing the solution

Our Data Scientists use machine learning and natural language processing to design, build and train your algorithms to perform your stated objective. We do this on historic data before then working with you to deploy these as streaming AI solutions embedded into your marketing architecture, platforms and applications. We help to identify new streams of data and enable your AI solution to continually learn. But we always ensure appropriate constraints are identified and adhered to which will give you peace of mind.

Example Use Cases

Being such a new discipline to the marketing toolkit, we’re constantly discovering new areas for AI deployment, but here are just a handful of ideas to get you thinking how we could help you and your organisation:

  • Recommendation Engines
  • Click-path Optimisation for dynamic website navigation
  • Omni-channel customer journey optimisation
  • Price optimisation
  • PPC bidding optimisation
  • Marketing spend attribution
  • Product and content navigation
  • Customer personas and segmentation