Customer Data


To deliver multi-channel marketing automation, or omni-channel customer personalisation, you’ll need a customer data platform (CDP).


CDPs are real-time marketing databases that provide both on-line and off-line identity resolution into a single view of your entire customer relationship and engagement.

They are the key to a customer-centric focus, featuring prescriptive analytics and real-time artificial intelligence techniques, designed to bring you closer to your customers. And this means engagement, lifetime value, average order values and order frequency will increase, while costs of marketing, cost of sale and returns all go down. It’s a no-brainer!

Beyond a CDP

At Euler, we’ve developed a new CDP which we call the QDP. It’s an evolution. Moving beyond just customer data, the QDP deploys any data type you may need in your marketing.

Now data such as the weather, social trending, shares, news, exchange rates and more are all available to identify opportunities, trigger campaigns and anticipate customer needs.

Best practice

Unlike other CDP platforms, the QDP is modular and works alongside existing marketing technologies you already own. Our job is to fill in the gaps and maximise the ROI on your sunken costs.

Now you won’t need to rip up the road on existing analytics, intelligence or orchestration investments. The QDP will integrate with all of them and deliver best practice technologies where you have gaps.


Each solution is different. It has to be, or your end objective would be compromised. And we never compromise. Although your solution will be built upon a common framework, it will be unique to you to meet your precise needs.

Our teams of Consultants, Analysts, Engineers and Developers take care of everything including the integration with your digital platforms and channels so you can concentrate on leveraging the solution to get closer to your customers. It means you’ll have your QDP, PDQ!

Useful resources


Beyond a CDP White Paper

In this white paper you will learn about CDPs, the problems they solve, the use cases for your business but also where they are heading next so you can ensure if you decide to invest in one, you have a platform that is enabled for the future of marketing and isn’t a tool that will be out of date before it’s even live.