Consulting Services

Let us share our knowledge and experience.

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Euler has a wealth of knowledge built over several decades. We help our customers leverage maximum value from our extensive experience by offering a range of consultancy and support options.

Our specialist team offer a free one-day consultation to understand and gather your requirements, from which we can tailor a bespoke solution which fits your business objectives.

What can we offer?

Our consultancy and support teams can offer…

The benefit of utilising our consultancy and support teams include:

  • Rapid problem solving
  • Output efficiency improvements
  • Increase in productivity and effectiveness

At a strategic level we can help you:

  • Reduce costs
  • Increase share of wallet
  • Develop multi-channel marketing strategies
  • Enhance personalisation
  • Improve customer life time values
  • Increase brand loyalty

Consulting Services

Becoming data driven will involve a lot of departments, skills and technologies and you need the right strategy in place. Euler have years of experience and can guide you on mastering data driven techniques and practises.

Best in class training and support, Euler will be by your side from start to finish. We pride ourselves on being able to get you and your teams as highly skilled as possible, as quickly as possible.

Using many different techniques, Euler will ensure your organisation is prepared and ready to adopt change, essential to ensuring your investment is successful.

Delivering a project and on time and in budget is a cornerstone of Euler and is an entirely collaborative approach. Tried and tested processes with full visibility ensures you are always know what is happening and when.

Struggling for resource or time constraints to deliver? You can utilise the experienced teams at Euler to help fill gaps or overcome challenges with flexible hands on support.

Our products

The tools we use to help you


Apteco Marketing Suite empowers you and your teams to convert customer-led data into actionable insight to execute and manage successful campaigns. The very simple drag and drop functionality helps to build campaigns and insight easily and quickly.

Microsoft Azure

Cloud computing platforms are amazing, they enable customers to develop solutions and combine technologies at almost any scale. From the most modest data science proof of concept to an enterprise-wide ERP, the possibilities are endless. What’s not to like?


Sisense allows you to analyse large amounts of disparate data. Built as an agile business intelligence solution, Sisense will give you the tools to support and manage your businesses data with analytics and visuals.


Talend is a leading open source data integration platform giving you the power to connect, govern, transform and share data across systems in cloud or on-premises. Talend will give you the power to scale operations, make decisions and be data-driven.


Feedback from our customers

Blind Veterans UK
Breast Cancer Now
Chiltern Railways by Arriva
Everton FC

“The Euler team were methodical and thorough, finding the right people to talk to about every detail. It was particularly helpful that they were able to engage with staff effectively, breaking down barriers and winning buy-in.”


“I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Euler for all the great work they have done on this project. You have both added so much value to the project and I’m really excited to see how the models will perform.”


“We see Euler as an integral partner and their expertise of helping us get the most out of Apteco Marketing Software has been exceptional!”


“Euler are much more than an infrastructure provider. We’ve greatly benefitted from their strategic guidance and tactical know-how to produce incredibly innovative marketing programs. They’re a key partner for us.”


“Euler has helped us to improve our knowledge of our data so we’re able to ask different questions, not just who is going to receive a particular campaign, but which message would be most relevant or helpful for a particular group of customers. The ability to segment in detail has allowed us to reduce communications per customer by 8.5% year on year, allowing us to reduce marketing wastage and target customers more effectively.”


“We would strongly recommend Euler for the seriousness and kindness of the team and quality of the work.
Euler follow our business, anticipate the planning and come up with solutions. They made our partnership so simple.
We receive accurate feedback and answer to our questions within a short period of time
We like their approach, it’s professional and they keep a flexibility of operations synonymous with efficiency.
Euler are pro-active and we work together with complete confidence.”


“I have enjoyed working with Euler. Euler have the right-thinking process. Euler are able to talk about the core problem and then work towards the desired solution. I like the close relationship that we have with Euler. With the help of Euler we’ve completely revolutionised the technology, processes and capabilities of our CRM programme.”


“Euler have the perfect balance of business acumen and technical insight.
Euler truly understand a business’s objectives and how to help those objectives to be realised through collaborative working.
The team at Euler has the knowledge and experience to transform any company across any sector by engaging with your business.
They dedicate their time to help you reach your goals.
Euler always delivers the highest quality service in all aspects of work.
From the service desk to the advice on data and business objectives, the entire team at Euler has helped the club progress significantly.”