Data Warehouses


Make sure your customer data is stored and managed in the right place.

your data

Our data warehouse design and build service centralises your business data into one place. We ensure that data is complete, accurate and trusted. This includes making sure it integrates with the technologies and applications which need to access it.

Working across multiple platforms including Azure, AWS, Google, Snowflake and on-premise databases, we will scope, design, develop and support your data warehouse system around your business needs and objectives.

Business intelligence, marketing automation, omni-channel personalisation; they are all enabled by a Euler data warehouse solution.

Our approach to a data warehouse

Data warehouse, the Euler way…

We have particular expertise in the deployment of modern data warehouses using Data Vault 2.0. In this way we can provide a data management architecture that is scalable enough to facilitate big data, such as website clickstream and digital engagement data. Plus, using this approach, our solutions can be refreshed at any speed and is compatible with any application technologies.

We like to use the basic principles of data lake style data storage, but at the same time, our solutions offer the familiarity of a series of accessible relational data views. Generally based in the cloud, we ensure they are architected to maximise compatibility with both the source data feeds and the application layer.


With a data warehouse solution from Euler you will benefit from:

  • Rapid integration of data into the environment.
  • Data delivered to applications at any speed including real-time.
  • Supporting all data types including streaming, unstructured, semi-structured and relational.
  • Data governance and data quality rules including Master Data Management.
  • Support for predictive analysis and trigger-based marketing automation.
  • Cost advantages over traditional methods via the use of a data lake and serverless architecture as the main data store.

Why Euler
is different

At Euler you own your data warehouse design and scripts. We design them to be as technology agnostic as possible so that if you need to move to an alternative platform – it’s easy to migrate. It’s why so many companies like yours trust Euler with one of their most important assets, data.

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