Euler Achieves Another Azure Gold Competency in Data Platform

We are excited to announce that thanks to our team’s hard work, Euler is now a Microsoft Gold Partner for Data Platforms. Within this competency, we have specialised in Big Data and SQL Server. Both of which are key areas of our business. 

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What does Microsoft Gold Status mean for our customers? 

Put simply, you can be reassured that your data platform is in safe hands. Our staff have studied for and passed the exams set by Microsoft to test expertise in this area.  

To achieve Gold in the Data Platform competency, teams need to demonstrate they have the technical capability to make sure that customer database systems operate efficiently and securely. They also need to prove they can categorise this data so that it can then be used in business insights.  

And our team passed with flying colours! 

Why ‘Data Platform’? 

Here at Euler, we aim to be experts in all things data related. A key part of this is knowledge of where to store that data. This central repository is not just storage space but can offer many more data management advantages (some mentioned below). The storage of the data is simply the foundation. 

Centralised data

By bringing your data together into a central hub you can make sure it is accessible, complete, and managed correctly. Data platforms such as a Modern Data Warehouse help to deliver a single source of truth. Particularly important for understanding your customers better.  

High-quality data

The right data platform can help you implement data quality rules to improve the accuracy of your data both now and going forward. Essential for making confident business decisions and delivering high-quality customer communications.  

Actionable data

Data is not much use to anyone just sitting in a repository. You need to be able to turn that data into actionable insights. Storage solutions such as Azure make insights and analytics possible. To read more about Azure and Analytics, take a look at our other Azure Gold competency – Data Analytics.  

Secure data

The security of your data is paramount. As part of the Azure ‘Data Platform’ training professionals must prove they can secure data from unauthorised access. Azure itself has many inbuilt security features, but there are also solutions that can be deployed by partners such as ourselves. So, Euler clients can rest assured their data is in a highly secure environment.  

What does it mean for our staff? 

Firstly, a developed skillset and the confidence to use it. The team also has access to professional development and support from Microsoft and other partners. This means they can share knowledge, new ideas, and best practice. Keeping their knowledge at the forefront of new developments in data platforms.  

Secondly, a pat on the back. We need to take a moment to acknowledge that our people have worked hard to make sure they are experts in this area. Well done team.

How long is it valid for? 

As with all other Microsoft awards, our Gold status will need to be renewed every year. And with data technologies changing and evolving continuously, there is no sitting back on laurels for our team. 

So, in several years’ time when we still have Gold status, you can feel reassured that the team have been working hard behind the scenes to maintain that status, keeping their knowledge up to date and proving it by sitting exams every year.  

For a more detailed understanding of this competency, take a look at Microsoft’s Data Platform Competency overview. If you would like to ask Euler a question about your own data, or about the services we offer, get in touch.  


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