WHITEPAPER – Modern Data Warehouse – why marketers need one

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Modern Data Warehouse: why marketers need one

Modern Data Warehouses (MDW) have been around for years, but they have not always been very accessible. In the past, data warehouses tended to be highly technical and only seen as an operational tool. Because of this, you usually needed a data scientist or someone with technical skills to develop, implement and then manage it.

But this has all changed. Now, people have realised it’s not just operations department that can benefit from data. Marketers can do a lot of good for a business with access to data.

And, it doesn’t stop there. Businesses are realising that the more they can leverage data, the more they can use it to make better business decisions.

If you work in marketing or run a business, this guide will be a useful resource when it comes to deciding how best to store your data.