The Secret to Achieving CX Excellence Through Data

The Data-Driven Approach to Mastering CX

Every time or prospect or customer interacts with your business in any way, whether via social media, online or in-store, they have an experience. Over time, these experiences generate a wealth of useful customer data that could (and should) be used to inform better decision making in a CX strategy. This is particularly pertinent as, at a time when customers are spoiled for choice, it’s vital to ensure that your customers have an experience to remember – for all the right reasons. But why does your customer data hold the key to getting CX right?

Customer experience (CX) has become a critical component of any business strategy. Companies of all sizes are turning their attention to their customers’ satisfaction, as customers are more likely to convert and return when they feel valued and understood.

Customer experience itself is the sum of every interaction a customer has with your brand, from interaction on social media and browsing products, through to checkout and post-purchase. If your experience is handled well, this will result in satisfied customers who are more inclined to return.

But, what’s the secret to achieving CX excellence?

It’s all in the data. Your customer journey is undoubtedly filled with a variety of touchpoints across different channels, whether it’s social media, email, SMS, in-store or even through customer surveys. These touchpoints will naturally result in the collection of valuable customer data.

Each piece of data provides a partial view of the customer’s experience. By themselves, these snippets have a limited ability to affect customer experience strategy, but when combined, this data unlocks powerful customer insight.

This insight can be used to influence decision-making around customer experience. It may unlock previously unknown trends that affect how your customer perceives their experience with your business.

Of course, good customer experience benefits the customer first and foremost. However, this data-driven approach also benefits a range of stakeholders within the business, such as marketing, CRM and wider commercial teams. Although customer experience is not normally the responsibility of a single department, the benefits of improving your overall CX will be felt by multiple departments, through commercial results such as increased revenue and reduced wastage.

Euler unlocks a data-driven approach to customer experience

The true secret to improving your customer experience is to harness your existing customer data in the right way – by measuring and analysing it. A quality programme of CX insights and analytics helps to highlight trends in customer behaviour, campaign successes and failures and particular pain points that customers experience with your service.

To establish a successful customer experience insights programme, you need the right tools. Euler works with a variety of clients across a range of industries, such as Chiltern Railways, the World Wildlife Fund and Everton Football Club, where we have implemented technology such as the Apteco marketing suite and Talend solutions. Elements of these solutions combine to provide our clients with the insights and analytics needed to create smarter cx strategies and improve customer experience. This is done in a way that’s best suited to your customers and your business.

Is it time you mobilised your customer data to master customer experience? Discover how Chiltern Railways achieved CX excellence with Euler and was recognised with a Railway Innovation Award.