Everton FC

Using FastStats to win the hearts & minds of fans.

Key Results

The outcome in numbers

retention rate amounts existing Season Ticket holders
of high churn risk fans renewed
retention rate of young fans
Generated additional revenue

The Challenge

The Club wanted to create a personal, memorable match day experience that supporters wanted to savour, again and again. For this they needed fast insight into fans’ motivations, which started with getting closer to their data. Before Everton introduced FastStats, their data infrastructure presented several challenges. Data quality and accuracy was an issue and reporting and data analysis capability was limited. Updating the existing data warehouse was time intensive and prone to errors.

Everton also needed to combine and make sense of the huge volumes of fan information they held. Pre-FastStats, the Club knew how many Season Ticket holders they had each season and if they were new, renewing or churned fans. However, this gave no indication of churn risk factor.

Whether a fan was likely to renew their Season Ticket or not, and what motivated either decision was unknown. A more sophisticated and agile system was needed if Everton were to gain the level of insight and analysis they needed to engage fans and meet their sales target.


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