Chiltern Railways

Chiltern Railways on track to deliver outstanding customer experience by investing in a CDP.


The Challenge

The team at Chiltern Railways are always looking for ways to offer the best customer experience possible. With this in mind, they wanted to make more use of the customer data they were collecting and use it to improve the way the communicated with their customers. But to do this, they had to first address the way they managed their data.

The Solution

Euler started out by conducting a Landscape Analysis of Chiltern’s data. This gave Euler and Chiltern a complete understanding of the range of data sources available as well as the level of data quality Chiltern were starting with. From this, Euler developed a Customer Data Platform for Chiltern which integrated their many data sources, as well as implementing a  data quality rules (DQR)  programme to improve data quality.

The Outcome

The new Customer Data Platform gave Chiltern an individual customer view, which gave Chiltern a better understanding of the customer experience. From this, Chiltern are now able to craft much more personalised and targeted communications for customers. It has also helped Chiltern become more proactive when interacting with their customers, recognising trends and anticipating customer ahead of time.

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“It was an ambitious transformation, with lots of challenges thrown up along the way, but with the help of Euler we’re achieving our CRM objectives and we’ve completely revolutionised the technology, processes and capabilities of our CRM programme which ultimately benefits our passengers.

“Now, our campaigns are more personalised, relevant, and timely than ever before and we’re launching new services in the sector that help make their journey easier and more pleasant. I’m personally really excited by the opportunities and plans.”