Looking Back at 2021 – Our Year In Data

At Euler, we like to deal with facts and figures. So, as we approach the end of this weird and, largely, wonderful year, we thought it only fitting to take an analytical approach to our reflections.

£2,400 Donated to Charity

Starting with the biggest! We’re so proud of the generosity and tenaciousness of our team when it comes to fundraising. As well as individuals reaching into their pockets for charity outside of work, Euler has given £200 every month this year to charity on behalf of our employees. Every month two members of staff are chosen to nominate a charity each for the donation to go to. Here are some of the charities our staff have chosen to support throughout the year:

Water Aid, Mind, British Heart Foundation, Stroke Association, Refugee Action, St Michael’s Hospice, Onside Youth Zone, Swan Charity, The Pussycat Lodge, Nottinghamshire Hospice, Children of Columbia, and Halton Haven Hospice.

70 Consulting Projects

When it comes to getting the most out of your data, you can count on our expertise. And that’s not just coming from us! This year, we’ve been asked to consult on 70 data projects to help ensure organisations have the best quality data and that they are using it in the most effective ways.

58 Data Management and Integration Projects

These projects can be challenging, especially when your team doesn’t carry them out on a regular basis. As this figure implies, data management and data integration projects are commonplace for us. Our experts know what they are doing and the work they deliver on these projects can bring efficiency, time savings, customer retention and increased profits or fundraising to the organisations we work with.

38 Customers Worked With

Our customers mean everything to us and this year we worked with a whopping 38 of them! From world-renowned charities such as WWF and Shelter, to industry innovators like HSBC and Avast. We are lucky enough to work with fantastic organisations, delivering amazing products and services.

32 Resources Added to the Website

From news, case studies, eGuides and whitepapers, our website is packed full of resources! Some of our favourites include Customer Segmentation Models: Segment & Grow Customers, Preparing for a Major Data Initiative: The Importance of a Landscape Analysis, and Paying too much for your MS Dynamics 365 CRM? It could be your data. These resources are free and bursting with useful information that will help you along your data journey.

14 Data Migrations

Data migrations are complex projects to take on, luckily our customers were clever enough to bring in the experts! A wise decision as without this 40% of data migration projects end up being over deadline, over budget or failing entirely. We make sure we lead our customers to success when it comes to their data migration.

10 New Starters

The Euler team has grown this year, which means new skills and new ideas – something that we can’t get enough of! We are thrilled to have brought on 10 new starters and we’re looking forward to continuing to work with them throughout 2022. Big shout out to… Reena, Gary, Katherine, Aimee, Ian, Susan, Jack, Josh, Jon, and Nathan.

7 Data Warehouse Projects

Data warehouses are all about creating a single source of truth for your data, enhancing data quality, and making sure your data is accessible. We use Microsoft Azure to build our data warehouses, and this year we became a Gold Partner in Data Analytics and a silver Data Platform partner.

3 Awards Won

We are so proud to have taken home three awards this year! The Talend Data Masters Award in the ‘data for good’ category recognised our work with Shelter and commended us for ‘turning data into gold’! For the fourth time in five years, we were named Apteco’s Partner of the Year! This highlights the work we’ve done with clients using FastStats, PeopleStage, and Orbit, to help them use their customer data to deliver the best return on investment. Finally, we topped the year off by winning ‘Best Use of Apteco Software’. This accolade was shared with the wonderful charity, WWF, who we worked with using Apteco, particularly PeopleStage, to orchestrate powerful, personalised customer journeys.

So, there it is – our year in data! While 2021 has been turbulent in light of the ongoing pandemic, it’s fantastic to be able to celebrate the wins that we’ve had. We want to thank all of our customers, partners and staff for making this year such a success. Here’s to a happy and prosperous 2022!


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