Euler Named Apteco Partner of the Year 2023

We have some fantastic news to share – we have been recognised by Apteco as their Partner of the Year for 2023!

The dedication of Euler staff this year to improve our offering to our customers and our work with Apteco to continually develop their software has  really paid off, resulting in Euler scoring the highest of all Apteco partners and claiming the Partner of the Year title.

Apteco deliver leading edge technology to facilitate marketing audience selections, sophisticated omi-channel customer journeys driven by analytics and machine learning models, all of which can be self-served and shared across an organisation. The investments and developments they have delivered over the past 12 months is astounding, which is why we value our partnership so strongly.

Apteco commented that ‘Euler are a truly valuable partner who are always challenging us to improve the software and provide valuable feedback from their users on their specific use cases. Euler have invested heavily in their people to become experts in the Apteco software and it shows with their incredible level of customer satisfaction’.

Euler have worked with Apteco for over 21 years, meaning we know exactly what it takes to be a good Apteco partner. This results in a consistently high score that assesses a broad range of areas, such as Apteco accreditations, latest product developments, a large and diverse customer base, and our drive to help Apteco improve through real-world customer feedback.

The sky is the limit with this partnership and with the exciting announcements made at Apteco Live 2023, there is an incredible future for everyone who uses the software.

Rob Jones, Euler CEO said: ‘This is a culmination of effort from the entire team over the last year to improve all aspects of our Apteco offering. It now cements our position as the leading Apteco partner, as we continue to help our clients to utilise their data to build better customer relationships.’

Paresh Patel, Director of Consulting Services said: ‘Apteco provides an invaluable suite of products for our clients, and we look forward to continuing to innovate together to help brands better understand and engage with their customers and supporters. Awards like this, motivate us to keep raising the bar, and we’re excited about what the future holds for this partnership.’

Interested in learning more about the Apteco solution? Click here to see an overview, or watch our recent webinar covering Apteco Orbit, featuring Apteco MD James Alty.