Charity Workshops a Huge Success

Following our annual Charity Industry Forum, TRIBES, at the London Science Museum in January 2016, Euler has embarked on a program of Charity Workshops specifically tailored to fundraising, marketing and data analysis leaders within the sector.

The first of these was ‘Integrating Preference Data Into Marketing Processes’, which was kindly hosted by Diabetes UK at their London offices on the 22nd March. The charity workshop looked at how to integrate preference data into marketing processes to enable charities to model consent, by using preference data to score the likelihood of a supporter opting out their communications.

Deploying R workshop

Most recently, on 20th April, our workshop, ‘Deploying R’, was held at RNLI’s offices on Webber Street, London. Turn out was exceptionally high, with attendees from Comic Relief, RNLI, Amnesty International, Bloodwise, NSPCC, Alzheimer’s Society, The Royal British Legion, RSPB, Prostate Cancer UK, Oxfam, Marie Curie, WWF and Christian Aid. Delegates found great value in understanding why ‘R’ is fast becoming one of the more popular open source software platforms. The workshop covered the wide spectrum of analysis and statistical modelling techniques that ‘R’ enables charities to undertake. The team from Euler then guided delegates through the key elements of ‘R’ adoption and talked about the infrastructure, resource and training considerations required.

Next Workshop: Next Best Action for Charities

Our next instalment in the charity workshops program is ‘Next Best Action for Charities’, which will take place on the 17th of May and will be generously hosted by Bloodwise at their offices on Eagle Street, London. In this workshop we will explore the opportunities for charities for deploying next best action. We will aim to identify the specific circumstances where it could be used and the benefits that would bring. We’ll discuss the data, resources and technologies needed to support it. We’ll also explore deployment options, enablement strategies and how to remove potential road-blocks. Our intention is to produce a recommended blueprint for charities interested in adopting Next Best Action that will be shared with all delegates.

For more information on the ‘Next Best Action for Charities’ workshop, including how to book your places, or any of our other forthcoming charity workshops, please visit our 2016 Charity Workshop Program page.