Leading benchmark study on charity data

Optimal data is critical to a charity’s ability to increase fundraising campaign results. Without data-driven insight, it becomes impossible to drive meaningful, timely and relevant engagement across supporter relationships.

Euler works with a number of leading not for profit organisations across the world. One of the most common themes we see within the sector is a desire to understand how the data is performing and how it fares against other organisations in the field.

Our context benchmarking report is a leading initiative in the not for profit sector. Charities participating in the project gain unprecedented insight into their data. Additionally, they’ll come away with a clear view of how they benchmark against their peer charities.

Participants come away with:

  • understanding how active the database is;
  • supporter communication channels available and gift aid penetration;
  • to conversion rates and the impact of seasonality;
  • because our Context report leaves no stone unturned.

We will be presenting the findings of our 2017 Context report, which has been running over the last year and is now concluded, during Insight SIG’s Annual Conference Science of Engagement on 27 November 2017. We are inviting anyone who wants to find out more to come along to the event.

Post-event happenings

After the event, we will be providing consultancy sessions individually with the charities in the project. Moreover, they’ll each receive their own personal report from the study.

We will also be hosting a feedback session. In short, it’s for those previously part of the study and those who want to participate in future context benchmarking projects. They can also become influencers, suggesting additional KPIs or data for possible inclusion in future studies.

Want to find out more about attending the conference? Keen to see how your charity can take part in the 2018 Context project? Then please get in touch via email at info@euler.net

The data benchmarking study event details

  • When: Monday 27 November 2017.
  • Where: The Cavendish Conference Centre, London.
  • Time: 9:00am – 5:00pm. The Euler team will be presenting from 10.30am – 11.10am.