Fundraising improves through a single view of supporters

In a previous role, I was leading a commercial marketing function running lots of regular campaigns. But I didn’t have control of our most important marketing asset: the data.

One week, looking to run a segment-specific emailer, the numbers I was supplied didn’t add up for me in the data. After closer investigation, I found there were differences not only in the counts but also between the categorisation of our segments every time I asked for data. What happened? The engagement was poor, and the results were nowhere near our projections.

Bringing at all together under one roof

The problem here was that multiple systems like transactional, behavioural, digital, CRM, and legacy data stores needed to be brought together to ensure campaign effectiveness. Why? Because this will reduce the waste of time and money for your teams and ensure you can say with a higher degree of certainty what your likely results will be for any campaign before you run it.

Well, that’s what a Single Supporter (or Customer) View does for you. We all know what an SSV is, it’s essentially a big data storage facility bringing in all these data connectors and then merges and organises the data to give you one true picture of your supporters. Most charities these days have one.

But ask yourself the following:

  • Is your SSV truly complete?
  • Are you bringing in all your e-mail engagement, behavioural or digital data?

If not, you’re potentially compromising the quality of your outputs. In turn, that could mean mailings and selections are not going to provide the returns you expect. Moreover (just like me), you’ll be answering some interesting questions from those above you about why your campaign didn’t work.

So you can see the power of this now, right?

If you’re not there yet but want to be, you can speak to Euler about providing data solutions to give you the best and most robust view of your data, a better response rate in your campaigns and happier supporters.

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