Planning Your Fleet Sales Route

By Robert Watson, 28th September 2015

Knowing exactly who your customers are, the size of their fleets and what they currently drive is crucial to the success of your fleet sales.

If you are looking to keep on top of sales opportunities around your existing sites, or trying to identify the next best territory to introduce your brand, having accurate data is critical to the success of your sales activity.

Do you know if your local market is made up of thousands of small companies, operating 1-5 vans, or a couple of hundred companies that hold the key to one of the largest car fleets in the country? By knowing the landscape of your local market you can engineer your sales and marketing activity to target prospects with more appropriate messages and offers.

Offering a comprehensive database of fleet operators

Euler offers the UK’s most comprehensive database of fleet operators. We have full contact information for over 455,000 companies and, for each one, a broad range of demographic data that you can use to target prospects with greater precision. We can support you in planning your fleet sales activity and by accurately determining the size of your sales opportunities, help you keep sales pipelines on the right road.

Whether you are a manufacturer wanting to identify the most valuable dealerships for your network, or a dealership group looking to gain momentum within your local market, or perhaps an alternative provider looking to get ahead of the competition, we can provide you with the most comprehensive view of the UK fleet sector.

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