Next Best Action for Charities

Our recent workshop, titled ‘Next Best Action for Charities’, explored the opportunities for charities to deploy this insight methodology into their fundraising practices. Working collectively, the group of delegates identified the specific circumstances under which Next Best Action could be used and what value that would add to their organisations.

Many of the discussions were formed around data, resources and technologies needed to support this, including deployment options, enablement strategies and how to remove potential roadblocks. The group were asked to collaborate o example use cases in the charity sector, which identified a number of priorities for the profession. What stood out the most was the need for Next Best Action to be shaped and deployed to address cross-sell onto other charity products or alternative ways to offer support, developing and enhancing support product journeys, welcome programmes, retention of regular givers and tailored email communications.

Applying Next Best Action with an open-source tool

One of the outcomes of the workshop was the group expressed a wish to see how Next Best Action could be deployed using the open-source tool, ‘R’. The Business Insight team at Euler are already planning our next ‘R’ workshop and have agreed to include this as part of the programme. Similarly, change management was identified as a key consideration that needs to be addressed when formulating and deploying Next Best Action strategies. These requirements, along with others identified by the group, will provide a focus on the follow-up workshop, which will be announced in the coming weeks and months.

If you would like to know more about Next Best Action, either for use in charity fundraising or omnichannel retail marketing, please contact us today and we will happily answer any questions you have.