Personalisation at Scale: Leveraging Data Across the Customer Journey

It’s no secret that in today’s digital landscape, customers expect and demand personalised, relevant experiences. Generic, one-size-fits-all messaging simply does not cut it anymore and will lead to campaigns falling flat on their face, more often than not. Savvy marketers need to tap into customer data to segment audiences and deliver tailored messaging and offers. However, this level of personalisation can seem daunting at a large scale. This is where leveraging the right technology across your customer journey comes into play.

The first step to making personalisation a core feature of your marketing strategy is to unify your customer data from across channels into a single view. If done correctly, this provides a comprehensive understanding of interests, behaviours and changing needs over time. This can be used to provide, powerful analytics which can enable audience segmentation and mapping individual journey pathways based on the data insights.

Armed with these audience segments, marketers can orchestrate highly relevant communications at each touchpoint along the journey. This could include welcoming new customers with tailored educational content, promoting cross-sells to repeat purchasers based on past buying behaviours, or re-engaging lapsed customers with gated content aligned to their preferences.

Continually measuring engagement, conversions and KPIs ensures you optimise each journey map over time. Additionally, propensity models can also help predict which customers are primed for specific offers or content topics.

While this level of personalisation may seem complex, the right MarTech tools help marketers activate data-driven journeys at scale. Suitable platforms must feature robust segmentation capabilities, journey visualisation tools and built-in analytics.

Solutions like Apteco’s Orbit platform provide marketers with the capabilities required to orchestrate targeted journeys powered by customer data. With experienced implementation partners like Euler and Apteco, brands can benefit from our years of experience with the platform and data-driven marketing techniques. Ultimately, this results in the creation of seamless, personalised experiences across channels on an enterprise scale.

In conclusion, the ability to derive data insights and translate them into tailored brand experiences as part of the customer journey, is becoming a competitive necessity. Marketers must adopt strategies to follow the customer along their journey in a relevant way if they want to develop real relationships and drive ROI.

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