Euler training adds value to NSPCC campaigns

At Euler we work hard on building friendly, long-term partnerships whilst also being accurate and effective in our work. For instance, Tom Gordon, Insight Solutions Architect at Euler, is a great example of this.

Below, find out what he did and what the NSPCC thought of his sessions. 

The NSPCC were seeking to increase their capability with Apteco FastStats software. In particular, they sought a better understanding of their point-in-time data to better steer and support their forthcoming donor campaigns. Euler recently ran a FastStats training session for the NSPCC’s Data Insight Team.

Here’s what the NSPCC had to say about Euler

Tom from Euler undertook a fantastic, comprehensive FastStats training course for us and made a great impression on our team with his knowledge, personality, tenacity, and patience. Pre-session, he worked intensively to understand our requirements and how we wanted an actionable plan not just a run through a training manual.

Tom clearly knew the propensity modelling module very well and had a firm grasp of the statistics behind it. He helped us prepare an accurate project propensity model for the session. When our model proved less predictive of customer behaviour than we envisaged, Tom created more point-in-time Virtual Variables to improve it, with great success.

Equally impressive was his guidance on the order in which these should run and where they should be updated, which was incredibly helpful.

Thanks to his knowledge of our data, Tom added huge amounts of value and we are looking forward to testing our new data model in our Christmas appeal and developing new models for other campaigns.

– Ian Bailey, Senior Donor Insight Analyst, NSPCC

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