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A Guide for Data Migration Success

Did you know that according to Experian, due to issues with data migration, only 46% of all new database implementation are delivered on time? Or that an incredible 74% of projects go over budget?

We’ve recently seen some very large-scale failures that should act as a warning for any company planning to move data. It was only last year when TSB customers were locked out of their accounts due to the unsuccessful migration of customer data. The ramifications are still being felt. The business itself has witnessed increased pressure on staff, negative social media comments, management changes as well as further IT problems.

It would be great to say that the case of TSB is a one-off, but that’s not our experience. And, with new technologies pushing more corporations than ever before to move data from one platform to another, the risk of error is increasing. 63% of data migration projects we have been engaged with over the past five years have all been due to a failed implementation; compared to only 27% of cases where we have been involved in the initial planning process. This suggests that roughly three out of four companies fail due to poor planning.

With this in mind, how can you ensure that your data is migrated successfully? Find out in this data migrations white paper.