Chiltern Railways Win Railway Innovation Award

It’s a winner! Chiltern Railways’ Voice of the Customer Project secures a Railway Innovation Award!

Here’s a success story – hot off the press. Our project with Chiltern Railways scooped the award for small-scale project at this year’s Railway Innovation Awards, held in London on 23rd June!

The Euler and Chiltern team were delighted to be recognised for this project, particularly as it positions Chiltern to lead the industry in data-driven customer experience activities.

What is the VOC report?

The VOC report draws data from a variety of sources along Chiltern’s customer journey into robust descriptive data models. Using these models, the Chiltern team are able to extract actionable insights and simplify complex data into a range of digestible formats. This creates a succinct narrative about ongoing customer experience (CX) efforts, which resulted in the creation of the VOC analysis report.

As customer experience is a vast and sometimes unpredictable landscape, the VOC approach ensures that Chiltern is on the right track towards making the correct decisions, ultimately leading to a better overall customer experience. While the model doesn’t deliver the ultimate solution itself, it creates awareness of the root problem and equips the Chiltern team with the necessary insights to implement the solution.

How does it work?

The secret to a successful customer experience strategy is to harness the potential hidden within your own customer data. As such, the VOC analysis report has enabled Chiltern Railways to create compelling stories from their data, used for business-wide buy in through a strategy of ‘Educate, Communicate, & Enable’.

Additionally, a series of interactive dashboards were created to empower key stakeholders with relevant information at their fingertips, allowing them to follow a data-driven approach to improving their CX.

The solution is designed to be dynamic and responsive – dealing quickly with ever changing customer needs and complex operating environment.

Well done all both teams for this amazing achievement!

If you’d like to know more about our work with Chiltern Railways, or how we can help mobilise your data to improve your customer experience strategy, get in touch today.

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