A data overhaul to drive more effective marketing campaigns.

Key Results

The outcome in numbers

higher open rate
reduction in communications per customer
reporting speed, reduced from 6 hours
customers managed

The Challenge

The Data

TrustFord came to Euler to find new ways of using the marketing data they had to drive much more targeted campaigns. Having previously made the move to Apteco’s FastStats, TrustFord found that they needed to customise their new tool further to enable them to delve deeper into their data. TrustFord also wanted to be able to send communications from the same platform and to capture customer preferences.

The Build

After digging deeper into TrustFord data landscape, Euler were able to make some recommendations and advise them on how to get the most out of their data. We then began making improvements to TrustFord’s implementation of the Apteco software. Our data analysts sifted through and cleansed the data, while our developers built integrations and customised reporting tools. The team also implemented a preference management tool and an email service provider.

The Results

Having the tools to send fewer, more personalised communications to their audience has meant that TrustFord have seen an increase in engagement and are able to use their marketing budget more wisely. Now all their data from across the business is integrated into FastStats, the TrustFord team can also run usable reports quickly and make decisions based on this. Where the TrustFord team used to have to wait 6 hours for a report, now they can run it in 30 seconds!

Download the case study below to read the full story.

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“Euler has helped us to improve our knowledge of our data so we’re able to ask different questions, not just who is going to receive a particular campaign, but which message would be most relevant or helpful for a particular group of customers. The ability to segment in detail has allowed us to reduce communications per customer by 8.5% year on year, allowing us to reduce marketing wastage and target customers more effectively.”