Royal British

Using data to reach the next generation of donors.

Key Results

The outcome in numbers

reduction on time spent processing data
members’ data managed
volunteer’s data managed
inaccurate data nearly achieved

The Challenge

The Mission

The Royal British Legion came to Euler to find new ways of using their data to reach a younger audience and deliver a seamless online experience. The Legion’s CRM was over a decade old and designed for direct marketing rather than for digital marketing, and was not integrated with any of their digital marketing platforms.

The Legion also had issues when adding data (manually) to the CRM and needed a new ETL solution to bridge the gap.

The Solution

The Royal British Legion realised they needed an enterprise-wide data integration solution, and Euler recommended using Talend to make this possible. Talend’s data ingestion, data quality, and data stewardship features meant that the Euler team could develop a solution for The Legion which identifies data inaccuracies at the source.

Talend also made it possible for Euler to easily integrate The Legion’s different digital data sources to the CRM, for a complete customer view.

The Outcome

Now that The Legion are all set with a system that provides them accurate data, across multiple online channels, they are in an excellent place to begin more digital marketing to reach the next generation of supporters.

They can use their customer data to create “communications that resonate with each of our donors to make them feel unique” – Jeff Collins, Head of Data, Insight and Fundraising CRM, The Royal British Legion.

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“Euler have worked in complete partnership with us to allow The Legion to do the kind of marketing we could only dream about back in 2017.”