Shelter fights the UK’s housing emergency with better data for better services.

Key Results

The outcome in numbers

records managed
systems integrated
data feeds connected
data access reduced from 10 days


The Challenge

Shelter found themselves working with a myriad of systems, and lacking a centralised view of their supporters. They knew they needed to bring their data sources together, not only to form a single supporter view, but to also enable more meaningful reporting to help them monitor the housing crisis and work closely with housing associations.

The Solution

Euler built Shelter a Modern Data Warehouse in Azure to work in conjunction with their MS Dynamics instance. The team used Talend to integrate the many data sources and implement a number of Data Quality Rules. (Read the full case study for more details.)

The Outcome

With a centralised data hub with a range of integrations, Shelter are able to generate meaningful reports and make the most of the new insights they have access to, putting Shelter in a much stronger position for their fight against the UK’s housing crisis.

Download the case study below to read the full story. 

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“I really feel like Euler has been trying to teach us to fish. We’ve been learning as we go in a collaborative approach. Euler works as an extension of our team, they feel no different to the internal team. I don’t feel they are any less passionate, any less committed or any less part of the team. That is unique, it doesn’t happen often.”